RoadHog: Download

To successfully compile and run the RoadHog software, you will need a reasonably fast machine (and a lot of memory if you want to use big maps like I did).

You also need

Most of these are not crucial; you could easily change the software to use another XML parser, or to read the photo timestamp from the JPEG header directly instead of calling jhead, or to use something other than ImageMagick for creating the image files - but that's what I have been using.

ImageMagick and Xerces will run on Windows without trouble, and I believe jhead does, too, but I am not sure about the status of JMagick in this respect. If you use a common Unix flavour, you should not have any problems.

When compiling ImageMagick, make sure to enable LZW compression; otherwise the GIFs created by RoadHog will be exceptionally large. If you cannot or do not want to use LZW compression, you can switch to PNG files instead of GIFs with little effort. Also, try to get ImageMagick 5.3.2 or newer, as older versions have a bug that affects the painting of the red dot on the maps.

RoadHog also uses the GNU getopt version for Java but this is included in my package.

I am making this available under the GNU General Public License, or GPL. Let me stress - again - that this software is fully functional only for my very special purposes and is very likely to require work if you want to use it for anything else than demonstration purposes. I welcome bug reports, bug fixes, and other patches.

Description Filename version date size
RoadHog classes roadhog-1.0.jar 1.0 2001-06-20 164091
RoadHog source roadhog-src-1.0.tgz 1.0 2001-06-20 81818
RoadHog CGI scripts (in Perl) roadhog-cgi-1.0.tgz 1.0 2001-06-20 18169
(old versions)
RoadHog classes roadhog-0.9.jar 0.9 2001-05-28 159354
RoadHog source roadhog-src-0.9.tgz 0.9 2001-05-28 79764
RoadHog CGI scripts (in Perl) roadhog-cgi-0.9.tgz 0.9 2001-05-28 12904

  Frederik Ramm, 2002-05-06