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The POPular POP3 server

POPular is a suite of programs for setting up large POP3 server systems. It consists of a POP3 proxy, a storage server and lots of utility programs. Note that this program is intended to be used in large email systems and is therefore quite complex to configure. If you only have a few thousand mailboxes, you are probably better of with a different POP3 server.


2005-09-09 Discontinued mailing lists as it was only attracting spam.
2004-08-21 New version 1.5.5 with bug fix and small feature enhancement.
2003-12-18 New version 1.5.4 with small bug fix.
2003-12-01 New version 1.5.3 with full SSL/TLS support available.
2002-07-14 New version 1.4.4 available. Bugfixes.
2002-05-25 New version 1.4.3 available. New 'ringd' daemon. Test this carefully.
2001-08-10 New stable version 1.4.2 available for download.
2001-05-31 New stable version 1.4.1 available for download.
2001-05-08 New stable version 1.4.0 available for download.
2000-12-26 New beta version 1.3b for download. This is not for production use.
2000-08-23 New mailing list.
2000-07-23 Version 1.2, the first public version, is out.


  • Scales to very large systems with millions of mailboxes
  • Virtual server support
  • Special optimization for access to empty mailboxes
  • Graceful reaction to high load
  • Get information on current sessions and statistics from running server
  • Completely configurable at run-time
  • Support for flexible authentication modules
  • SSL/TLS support



Please send questions, bug reports, and comments to the mailing list at popular@remote.org.