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Programs: Flinch

Flinch is a powerful and flexible web link checker that will make your life as a web designer or web server admin easier. Flinch is implemented in Perl and released under the GPL (GNU General Public License). It can be used to check all the external links on your web pages periodically and produce HTML reports of its findings. If a web resource at the end of a link has not been reachable for a few days, Flinch can send you an email. Note that Flinch is designed to work for medium sized sites with a few hundred or maybe a thousand links, it will be too slow and eat too much memory for really big sites.


The number one question always is: Flinch nicely shows problems with external links, but errors of internal links are only printed on the terminal. Can this be changed?

Answer: No. It would need a major redesign of how Flinch works. Flinch is intended to regularly monitor external links and report when they are broken for a few days. In contrast, internal links do not break by themself. If you need to check internal links also I recommend using another link checker in addition to Flinch.