Höchster Kreisblatt, Monday, November 13th, 1989, p. 2


A Look at the Foreign Press

This is an English summary. Everything is taken from the German-language newspaper and translated, i.e. the words may differ from what the English-language papers printed in the first place. The full article is only available in German.


No democrat should deny their right to re-unification, but a lot of prerequisites have to be met beforehand, first of all election of a democratic government in the GDR.

The New York Times

They danced because the tragic cirlce of events that began in Europe 75 years ago and brought two world wars, the Holocaust and the cold war seems to come to an end. ... Instability in Eastern Europe was never good news, but this time all could end well.

Corriere Della Sera

All movements of past ten months have shaken the communist world, but the sudden fall of the Berlin Wall is the most dramatic and most important... the end of the order of Jalta seems near.


Everyone should be glad to live to see an event like this one. In these days, a change in the history of a nation is happening. ...

Algemeen Dagblad

Party officials form Eastern Germany always had strange justifications for the Wall, like "protection against fascist forces from the West". History has shown that this was definitely not the reason for the Wall: Nobody wanted into the GDR, many wanted out. ...


There's nothing in the history of revolutions that could be compared to the new beginning in the GDR. ...

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

A lot of diplomacy skills will be required for Western Germany in dealing with the new situation ...

Le Figaro

Germany will be a country with 80 million inhabitants again, ... it will become main parnter for Russia. The balance between France and Germany will shift; a new one will have to be found.

  Frederik Ramm, 2001-04-27