Höchster Kreisblatt, Tuesday, November 14th, 1989, p. 2


A Look at the Foreign Press

This is an English summary. The full article is only available in German. Insofar as English papers are quoted, these are re-translations from the German version.

Trybuna Ludu

The Polish communist party newspaper writes that the German people have to decide for themselves what is to become of their nations, but others should have a word in that, too - not only the superpowers, but every European country.

Financial Times

Nothing will stay as it was in the center of Europe. But it would be wrong to assume that a new order can be created by the Federal Republic of Germany and what remains of the GDR alone. The Allies have to integrate Germany into the international community. No decisions should be taken without involving the German people.

Der Bund (Austrian daily)

Freedom is more important than unity. The situation in the GDR is a chance and a danger at the same time. Western Germany should not put the interests of the "German nation" before Europe.

France-Soir (Yellow press in France)

Turkish workers in Western Germany will become jobless because people from East Germany will come there for work... the Turks might come to France for work then. If Gorbatchev should withdraw his troops from the East, the US will follow suit in the West, and we'll soon have a demilitarized, finlandized Central Europe. That would be a great victory for the Sowjets, and France would find itself at the first line of defense against the Sowjet Union and its allies.


Many practical issues about the new travel laws have yet to be resolved... cooperation is needed, not that illusionary unification propagated by neo-nazi republicans in West Berlin.

  Frederik Ramm, 2001-04-27