Süddeutsche Zeitung, Monday, November 13th, 1989, p. 2

Scan After strong demands by SED members

Krenz announces special party conference for December

Calls for free elections gain volume / More changes in SED leadership

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The SED leadership announced that a special party conference is scheduled for December 15th to December 17th.

SED members keep calling for free elections. The reorganization of regional SED leadership is continuing. In the wake of ongoing travel from East to West, speakers of the GDR youth organization FDJ, the opposition, and the protestant church have issued a statement saying they fear for the existence of the country. The paper criticizes SED leadership for having introduced freedom to travel without accompanying political and economical concepts.

"Demokratischer Aufbruch" calls for free elections

The opposition group "Demokratischer Aufbruch" called for free elections before the 30st of September. Their vice chairman, Erhardt Neubert, said in a broadcast of the Western TV station SFB that the people's right to self-determination had to be respected, and that SED hegemony had to end.

In many regions, the SED membership called for free elections. Three regions elected new local SED leaders: Herbert Kroker (Erfurt), Roland Claus (Halle), and Norbert Kertscher (Karl-Marx-Stadt aka Chemnitz).

Three local SED leaders committed suicide: Gerhard Uhl (Perleberg), Herbert HEber (Köthen), and Helmuth Mieth (Bautzen).

Leading members of the GDR advocate collegiates submitted a draft for a new law governing travel and relocation to Western countries. It proposes to issue a passport to every person of age 14 or over, allowing for free travel at any time. This right could only be limited or revoked by court order.

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