Süddeutsche Zeitung, Monday, November 13th, 1989, p. 2


GDR secret intelligence: Elbe a sewer

GDR industries pollute the river Elbe with ten thousands metric tons of toxic waste. The Western weekly "Der Spiegel" cites a study for the East Berlin ministry of the environment, saying that water form the Elbe exceeds the European Community rules for drinking water by the factor 90 for cadmium and by the factor 250 for mercury. The study also says that 90 percent of all toxic waste in the Elbe comes from industries in the GDR, and only a fraction from the USSR. One of the worst Elbe polluters in the GDR is the chemical plant at Bitterfeld. Most waste and sewage enters the Elbe unfiltered.

  Frederik Ramm, 2001-04-27