SANE and Fujitsu M3091DCd

I've written a SANE driver for the Fujitsu M3091DCd scanner (a 300x600dpi, color, duplex, ADF-only scanner). The driver is meanwhile integradted into the official sane-backends release and has been further developed by others.

For that reason, I am not making it available for download at this site any longer. Please see the SANE web site for further information about SANE. You should also get Tom Martone's "scanadf" utility which will allow command-line scanning of duplex and ADF batches. If it's not in your version of SANE already, look here. (You will not need this if you use a graphical front-end that already supports duplex/ADF scanners.)

sensed 0.2

If your scanner has a "scan" button and you would like to do something with it, this program may be your friend. sensed sends REQUEST SENSE commands to a device in regular intervals and launches programs depending on the response. On my Fujitsu M3091DCd scanner, that's the way to do it, and it works fine.

This early release is very crude and doesn't have a config file - it's all in the source code. But it is straightforward, and links against the SANE SCSI core so it should work on all platforms where SANE can be used. (It doesn't have a Makefile either but you'll figure it out.)

Download sensed-0.2.tgz (4 KB).

  Frederik Ramm, 2004-07-02