How can I download all the photos? Auf Deutsch

OK, so you want all the photos. You can of course download them all for free from the web experience, but it is a bit of a hassle. (You will perhaps have to write a small script to read all the journey IDs from the journey page and then construct the proper photo URLs for each, starting at 1 and counting up until the web server says there are no more - plus the actual downloading might take the better part of a day depending on your connection). I am deliberately not making it easier because from past experience I know that many will just download everything they can get if it's only a click away, whether they can use it or not - and somebody has to pay for the web traffic!

Thus, I am offering to send you everything in the mail on two CD-ROMs for EUR 20 including shipping (that's roughly US$20, or roughly 12).

What you get is

  • All the photos exactly as they came from the camera. Since I have left out a lot of photos for the web version - sometimes because they were blurred, sometimes because there were three photos of a similar stretch of road, etc. - the total number of photos on the CD is considerably greater than what get on the web (4768 photos). The photos are in 1024x768 resolution and about 150 KB each.
  • The matching "raw" GPS track data exactly as it came from the GPS.
  • All the XML files that I used to produce the journeys on this web page. These will, for those photos included in the journeys, also include the calculated geographical coordinates, but as you get the raw data, you can always use my free software to do your own calculations.
  • As an extra, approximately 200 high quality photos of 1 MB each (2048x1536 resolution) which where taken at various places in Scotland.
  • In total, this is exceeds 1 GB of data.
  • You will be allowed to use the photos for any purpose, but if you use them in a commercial product I request that my name be listed as a contributor.
You can see the (approximate) content listing of the CDs you will get in this 40k zip file (it lists the file names and sizes only).

What you will not get is

  • The map data. I have licensed it from for use on my web site only and I am not allowed to distribute it. Buying the data I am using from will cost you roughly 50, per year.
  • Player software. The CDs will only contain the raw data, and it will not be possible to "run" this web experience off the CD. I simply haven't had the time to create a stand-alone program like that - I might do so in the future.

If you want these CDs, and if you have a Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard or Diners' Club credit card, you can order them online. Otherwise contact me by eMail and we'll find another way...

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