Hire Me!

I do freelance IT consulting and programming for a living. The RoadHog software was a pet project of mine which I pursued in my spare time to gather some experience about the technologies and problems involved.

While I do make the RoadHog software available to the public on an as-is basis, its quality and status are more those of a "proof-of-concept" program than a really well-designed piece of software, and some qualified work will be required to put them to use. And why pay someone else to work with my code when you can have the author?

Therefore, if

then we should talk; you may want to benefit from my experience in this project by hiring me as a contributor, consultant, or project manager for whatever you have in mind.

My rates are a tad above market average - but a good investment if you ask me ;-) I do contract work only, and I prefer to do jobs which, in my opinion, could not be done by just anybody.I am looking for jobs "out of the ordinary": Life is too short for boring tasks.

If that hasn't put you off, then you must be really persistent :-) - my eMail address is on the Contact page.

  Frederik Ramm, 2001-05-24