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You can search either for a place name or for co-ordinates. The place names come from a database I've created manually, so not every name will be there, but I have entered the names of any villages, many farms and crofts, forests, rivers, glens, lochs, and mountains I passed.

The script will also find similar-sounding names (which is essential around here since every map spells those ex-Gaelic names differently!).

Enter a place name:
(Examples: "Dundonnell", "Loch Maree", "Glen Docherty")

--- OR ---
Enter a location:
(Examples: "N55.1234,W5.9876", "N5748.10' W00540.32'", "NG 739,711" - most formats magically recognized, either lat/long according to WGS-84 or grid values according to British National Grid)

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