RoadHog Software

RoadHog is my name for a collection of programs I've written to create my On the Road in North-West Scotland web experience. For those who haven't seen it - it is a series of photos shot from a moving car, so that anyone can see "what it really looks like".

On these pages, I'll try to give you all the information you need to do something similar yourself, including the software which is GPLed (i.e., open source). But don't succumb to any illusions here - any attempt to build your own stuff with it will most likely require a number of changes to the software, and you'd better be firm in your Java (and maybe Perl) knowledge. Or hire me if your company can afford it.

Data Acquisition
Where to get or how to produce the photos, GPS data, maps, and other input data required.

Data Structures
A sketch of the data model on which RoadHog is based, and how the data elements are written in XML.

Co-ordinate Systems
An excursion about the eternal troubles with co-ordinate systems, and how they are of relevance for RoadHog.

Data Preparation
What you have to do to all the data you've collected, including description of the RoadHog utilities MapAligner, JourneyMaker and Verifier.

How to produce the final set of output files from everything you've got until now. Describes the RoadHog Compiler.

The final step is putting everything on a web server and having the right CGI program: roadhog.cgi.

If, after having read all this, you still want to download the RoadHog software, go to the Download Page. The download does not include the documentation offered by the pages above so better be sure to read and understand them ;-)

If you have any questions, or if you are indeed using RoadHog for a project of your own, contact me using the link below.

  Frederik Ramm, 2001-06-19