Our scientific research proved that webpages with spiffy graphics and cool slogans get more hits. That is why we spent five weeks to come up with the palm tree logo and why we proclaim that the future is here.

Our domain is an open community of people who want to share a common place in cyberspace. We are no business enterprise and no formal association - maybe the term "virtual flat-sharing" matches best. A few people live their virtual lives here; people who know each other and who share common interests and work on projects together sometimes.

The future is here and the island we have chosen as our logo reflect our lifestyle. In the office or on the beautiful beaches of a remote island, technology brings us together for fun and for profit. While terms like "teleconferencing", "telecommuting", or "virtual enterprises" only now find a slow and costly entry into the business community, we have been using the internet technology for years as our means of everyday communication and collaboration.

We are all experts on UNIX and the Internet and have been working in that industry for a while. Looking at the individual careers of the remote.residents, you will find: co-founding and running a non-profit local ISP, substantial contributions to connecting Germany's largest online service (and now largest Internet provider) to the Internet; the first WWW railway schedule service in Germany... not counting, of course, the daily routine of software development, systems administration and rocket science.