Half a Year on Antigua

Beginning in Mid-1999, I spent over half a year on Antigua, an island in the Caribbean. In these pages, I'll try and share some of my adventures and experiences with those who are interested.

Please bear in mind that I view everything through European eyes - if you are from another part of the world, some things that seemed strange to me may be quite normal for you.

And if you happen to be from Wadadli Island yourself - welcome, and don't you be offended if I occasionally offer some humourous criticism - that's part of my writing style :-)

Besides the writing, there are over 400 photos (downloadable in large sizes) and some maps. Enjoy!

Culture and Politics

My Experience

The Tourist Programme

Travels in the Caribbean

All photos on these pages are in the public domain; If you use them, I'd be happy to be mentioned as the author. Please refrain from using those photos which show individual human beings in recognizable detail.

  Frederik Ramm, 2001-05-18