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General articles (rather lengthy)

Weekend of unbounded Freedom
Long cover story about the weekend 11/12 November.
Not everyone trusts new regime
News about the weekend.
Nobody will forget, but today is a working day
What happened in Frankfurt (Main) on the weekend.
GDR tourists are rolling on
Lengthy title story from Tuesday.
Momper: Heart of Berlin will beat again
"Süddeutsche Zeitung" cover story about the weekend.
Migration of a nation through wall openings
Stories about the weekend in Berlin
In a frenzy of brotherliness
How the town of Lübeck in northern Germany fared on the weekend
The air is full of joy
The weekend in the Bavarian town of Hof.
Non-bureaucratic help is called for everywhere
Weekend stories from Lübeck and Ratzeburg (northern Germany)
At the Brandenburg Gate, police from East and West protect the Wall
Weekend stories from Berlin.
Five Frenchmen greet with champagne: a la liberté!
The weekend in Lower Saxony.
Wave of benevolence
The weekend in Hesse.

Shopping and Economy

Prolonged Shop Openings in Hesse
Yes, there are exceptions from the law.
Demand for goods in GDR will create boom for western businesses
Herrhausen and v. Amerongen about economic consequences of the new freedom.
The new shopping paradise for Leipzig, Plauen, Zwickau
Lengthy article about the shopping weekend in Hof (Bavaria).
Shops get prepared for the weekend
A story about making money from the new political situation.
Unhappy faces among 'Zeil' shop owners
Some people didn't know about their business opportunities...
Welcome money
A short article about the historical background of the DM 100 paid to each GDR visitor.
There's enough for everyone
Some statisics and political commitments about the welcome money.
Kohl: GDR economy can only be cured by free market
The Western system as a cure-all - Deutsche Bank chairman Alfred Herrhausen says there may be equality within 5 years
US Dollar lives up to its image of crisis currency
The US Dollar has risen to 1.8675 against the Deutschmark.
Empty shelves
Trading business delivers maximum performance, but in the long run the distribution of goods has to be improved in the GDR. While Western shoppers look for the "shopping experience", GDR citizens are content if they're able to buy the goods requested.
Zero hour
There's a lot of euphoria but one has to remember that you cannot change a whole economy that fast.

Transportation & Traffic

GDR railway offers special trains to West Berlin
Notes about long-distance trains, the Berlin underground and travel in general.
Hour-long traffic jams will impede travel for days to come
Stories from the Autobahns.
Free local transport for GDR tourists
How Frankfurt copes with the amount of visitors.

Political Articles

SED members insulted
A story about changes in the ruling party, SED.
Stasi leader offers self-criticism
The "Stasi" (the GDR secret police) will not be used against dissidents any longer
Yearning for unification
A somewhat sociological article about national pride among Germans.
'I'm a little bit ashamed'
Three stories of people who left the GDR thirty years ago.
Krenz: Unification is not on the agenda
GDR and Western Germany are two different souvereign states.
Kohl rejects SPD call for a round table
A report about different diplomatic activities in the past few days.
Notes about the welcome money
Comments on the welcome money and ciritcism of the difficult procedures for travelers from West to East
Krenz announces special party conference for December
A lengthy account of quarrels within the ruling SED party.
Block parties gain influence
The designated GDR president Modrow accuses Western politics of interfering with GDR internal affairs and shares his thoughts about the future.
Call for quick help for GDR citizens
Western doctors are asked to "help out" in the East. Clergymen suggested that work and space to live be shared. Many speculations about reunification.
Gorbachev supports opening of western borders
The Sowjet news agency TASS reports that the USSR fully supports the GDR leadership in their decision to tear down the wall. The GDR ambassador to the USA speaks of a dangerous situation. The Hungarian foreign minister, Gyula Horn, thinks this is the beginning of the crumbling of military blocks.
American president thinks speculation about unification too early
George Bush thinks his forthcoming meeting with Gorbachev will be more important than the suggested visit to Berlin.
'Urge for freedom stronger than concrete'
A report from Washington about the American view of it all
Kohl: Help for GDR is a task for the whole of Europe
Chancellor Helmut Kohl and the foreign minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, try to win support for GDR plans
Wallmann also had words of caution
The Hessian Minister President, Walter Wallmann, says it is wrong to think that the "rich relatives from the West" will fix everything.
Krenz comes under pressure from party members
SED party members demand a special conference
Modrow warns Bonn not to exert pressure
The designated GDR Prime Minister, Hans Modrow, warns not to rush the planning of elections. He thinks that a border will still be necessary.
9th November - not a happy day for Germans until now
A historical account on the 9th of November in Germany
Kohl wants to meet SED leader Krenz in GDR soon
Article about clashes between Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Walter Momper, the mayor of West Berlin and the statements of different political parties.

Foreign Press

A Look at the foreign press
Observer; New York Times; Corriere Della Sera; l´Unita; Algemeen Dagblad; Kurier; Neue Zürcher Zeitung; Le Figaro
A Look at the foreign press
Trybuna Ludu; Financial Times; Der Bund; France-Soir; Neues Deutschland

Short News

  Frederik Ramm, 2004-02-17